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An Introduction to the REKKS Vehicle Surveillance System

Vehicles are often an integral component of large area or mobile surveillance details, calling on the vehicle itself to be an information gathering asset. Through a hybrid of SPS and PSS modules, we offer a full range of security and surveillance tools to equip vehicles with advanced capabilities.  Our vehicle modules are designed for complete vehicle integration into almost any vehicle make and model.

As with the PSS, driver or passenger vitals can be monitored through the vitality module sensors. The VSS is also able to run vehicle diagnostics and share this information with the command center. Essential positioning and environment information can be detected and monitored by incorporating GPS, navigation, and externally mounted environmental sensors. For detecting potential environmental hazards, a Hazardous Environment module can also be integrated into the vehicle. 

The Vehicle Surveillance System Modules




Central Command Base Module

A ruggedized and compact Base Module provides essential tracking, storage, and internal communication sensors for information collection and analysis during mobile operations.

Vehicle Camera Module

A compact dash mounted or a more ruggedized and higher resolution roof mounted camera provide visual surveillance support to the vehicle.

Vehicle HD Display Module

For use with navigation, GPS, streaming video and displaying information send from the command center, the vehicle can be equipped with an HD Display Module.

Vehicle Environment Module

Environmental sensors provide vehicle passengers as well as the command center vital information about the vehicle's surroundings.

Vehicle Hazardous Environment Module

In addition to standard environment conditions, specialized sensors are used to detect the presence and current readings of several hazardous materials.

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