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An Introduction to the REKKS Personal Surveillance System (PSS)

The Personal Surveillance System, or PSS, is a wearable surveillance and monitoring tool – a customizable and portable information center. This unique and advanced system provides users the ability to gather, analyze and disseminate information to and from the field in real time. A lightweight and ruggedized Central Command Base Module serves as the foundation for the system.  Additional Modules are integrated into the system via NFC and Bluetooth technology to provide advanced environmental readings and two way data communication.  Information can be both stored locally and communicated to a command center over WiFi or mobile data to ensure information remains intact should the system lose network connection. 

The Personal Surveillance System Modules

     Central Command Base Module
Durable, lightweight housing protects the systems fundamental capabilities. The Base Module provides essential tracking, storage, internal communication and location management capabilities.
  Camera Module
A small, compact camera and microphone provide eyes and ears to the command center.
  Vitality Module
Vitality sensors allow the command center to closely monitor the wearer’s health and physical safety while in the field.
  Environment Module
Environmental sensors enable both the wearer and the command center to measure environmental conditions.
  Hazardous Environment Module
In addition to standard environment conditions, specialized sensors are used to detect the presence and current readings of several hazardous materials.

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