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SPS Panorama Modules

Panorama Camera Module
The Panorama Camera Module offers a 360-degree, 4k picture to provide continuous generalized field monitoring and comprehensive visual surveillance. For optimum coverage the Panorama Camera Module can be paired with one of our Signature Series camera heads. When motion or an event of interest is detected by one of the panorama cameras, the higher-resolution Signature Series camera can manually or automatically be directed to focus on the area in question for more in-depth analysis.

Panorama IR Module
To provide complete 360-degree field surveillance during nighttime or low-light applications, the panorama module design is available with infrared (IR).  The IR sensors can be activated by built-in light sensors or run continuously, and can easily be paired with any of our Head Modules.

Panorama Spotlight Module
The Panorama Spotlight Module is equipped with spotlights for multi-directional ground illumination. The spotlights can be automatically activated by a timer, motion sensor, or can be operated manually.

Panorama Sound Module
For non-targeted ambient sound monitoring, the Panorama Sound Module uses omnidirectional microphones, providing the command center essential field auditory information.