The Security Of Everything

SPS Network Modules

Server Module
The Server Modules has adopted all the functionalities of a modern-day command center server and integrated them directly into the pole, removing the requirement for an off-site command center. The Server Module provides the backbone for the security network, including the latest offerings in processing power and video compression.

NAS Module
A Network Attached Storage (NAS) Module creates local data storage within the pole and is a complement to the integrated functionality of the Server Module. Each NAS Module provides at least 10T of durable and ruggedized solid-state storage, which can withstand temperature changes and mobile pole system movements.  Additional NAS Modules can be added to the Smart Pole System for additional storage requirements.

2 TB NVR Module
For pole systems that include a video surveillance module, a Network Video Recorder (NVR) Module can be included to provide integrated video recording and playback capabilities. The video recorder come equipped standard with 2 TB of storage, with the option for additional storage upon request.

Hub Module
Contained within the pole, the Hub Module aids in network management by streamlining wired networks and cabling and managing data flow.

Range Extender Module
A range extender is crucial for long distance and remote applications, as well as to ensure consistently strong signal strength. The Range Extender Module extends the functional range of the system's communication capabilities in two ways. First, it extends and strengthens existing signals between system sites and second, it can serve as a new access point for applications outside the reach of the existing system's network.