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SPS Head Modules


BUMA Series
One of our Signature Series cameras, the BUMA Series camera is our original and unique outdoor IP camera. The camera core is housed in highly protective vertical and weatherproof housing, either anodized aluminum or our new carbon fiber housing. An H.264 compression stream and advanced DSP technology are used to deliver crystal clear images and achieve impressive picture quality in nearly all lighting conditions. The BUMA head can be quickly and easily installed in our SPS for a truly independent, off-grid surveillance solution.

BUMA Heavy Duty Series
To further enhance the capabilities of our original BUMA camera, we proudly offer the BUMA in a heavy-duty version. What truly set the BUMA Heavy Duty apart are its uniquely rugged capabilities. The heavy-duty aluminum housing is almost twice the size of the standard BUMA, which allows for additional features to be incorporated directly into the camera head. The heavy-duty head has a built-in rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours of local power independent from additional power system options, 2TB of internal storage, WiFi hotspot capabilities, and two separate encoders, one that records locally and one that sends information to the server room. We make securing even the most remote inhospitable environments possible.

BUMA Modular
To offer our customers expanded surveillance capabilities directly in the head module, we present the BUMA Modular system.  The core design features a single or triple housing bracket frame that optimally attaches to the Smart Pole System for a sturdy and independently powered pole mount. Depending on the capacity of the selected model, one to three insert modules connect to the housing bracket. In the event a customer wishes to modify or add to the BUMA Modular’s capabilities, the insert modules can easily be exchanged without having to replace the entire surveillance system.

Streetlight Module
Our Streetlight Module is mounted atop the SPS and provides traditional streetlight ground illumination. To capitalize on the advanced features of the SPS, additional modules can be incorporated into the pole below the Streetlight Module mount to create a complete surveillance system.

Platform Module
As an alternative to visual surveillance or when used in conjunction with another pole system, the pole can be topped with our Platform Module.  The platform provides a 40 cm squared flat surface to accommodate any flat-mount needs and is capable of integrating 3rd party components directly.