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SPS Environmental Sensor Modules

Weather Module
To provide the command center with a more complete gauge of environmental conditions, a weather station module is available.  The weather station offers up-to-the-minute readings for ambient temperature, wind speed, humidity, barometric pressure, precipitation levels, and forecasts.

Environment Module
To provide the command center with a more complete gauge of surrounding conditions, an Environment Module provides temperature and pressure readings as well as information on often undetectable dangers such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen levels.

Hazardous Materials Module
Especially valuable in construction, drilling, and industrial zones, a Hazardous Materials Module can be added to the Smart Pole System to monitor air quality through oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, natural gases, and sulfur level measures. An included radiation sensor can be used to measure and/or monitor alpha, beta, and gamma radiation levels in areas of known exposure as well as in a precautionary capacity. Without sacrificing personnel safety for accurate local readings, the Smart Pole System can provide up-to-date readings remotely from the command center.

Extreme Environments Module
The rugged and simplistic design of the Smart Pole System makes it an ideal solution for even the most extreme environments. To protect against great temperature differentials often found in such extreme environments, the Extreme Environments Module is available with an internal cooling and/or internal heating system.  The heating and cooling systems help to moderate internal operating temperatures for optimal component performance.