The Security Of Everything

SPS Base Modules

Surface Plate Base
Designed for system mounting in indoor applications, the Surface Plate Mount attaches directly to the floor surface.  By providing an indoor floor mount for the SPS, the surveillance system capabilities can be applied indoors to an expanded range of applications, even integrating directly into existing components.  For the first time an indoor pole system bring comprehensive surveillance indoors allowing the system to provide discrete, real-time information about the indoor environment and monitor the safety of its surroundings.

In-Ground Base
The In-Ground Base Module secures the Smart Pole System firmly into the ground for stable, fixed installation. The pole base extends below the mounting surface for structural support and serves as entry point for incoming communication and power cables.

Portable Base Module
Designed for complete mobility, the Smart Pole System is compatible with our portable base module. With a hollow base design the portable base can be weighted at the installation site with either sand or water, minimizing ground installation and civil works requirements.

Maritime Mount
The Maritime Mount now provides a way for the Smart Pole System to provide comprehensive monitoring and surveillance at sea.  The mount is designed for use with commercial and cargo vessels and is available in marine grade aluminum or treated carbon fiber and can be further protected in color film or our marine camouflage for low-profile integration.

External Vehicle Mount
Designed for use with heavy duty and tactical vehicles, the External Vehicle Mount provides a way to mount the Smart Pole System directly to the vehicle for a truly mobile surveillance system. The vehicle mount attaches the SPS securely to the vehicle, is capable of withstanding rugged and extreme operation, and is optimally paired with our image stabilization systems for superior visual surveillance applications.

Wall Mount
The Wall Mount provides a secondary indoor mount option for indoor system applications. The selected pole modules are mounted on a arm extending from the wall at the desired height. Due to indoor space constraints, the maximum number of  SPS modules available in a wall mounted system may be limited.