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An Introduction to the REKKS K-9 Surveillance System

Modeled closely after the Personal Surveillance System (PSS), the K-9 Surveillance System (KSS) is designed to equip dogs with advanced sensors and information gathering capabilities, making the animal itself an information center. The modularity of the system and compact component housing allow for a Central Command Base Module as well as additional system Modules to be attached directly and securely to the animal’s harness.  The command center is able to track the animal’s health and safety while in the field, and gather detailed information about the animal’s environment in real time.

The K-9 Surveillance System Modules




Central Command Base Module

A ruggedized and compact Base Module provides essential tracking, storage, and internal communication sensors for passive information collection and unmanned operability.

K-9 Camera Module

A small, compact camera and microphone module provides eyes and ears to the command center and is designed to fit snugly to the animal’s body.

Vitality Module

Vitality sensors, adapted for animal readings and use, provide valuable information about the animal's health and well-being while in the field.

Environment Module

Air quality, natural gas, pressure and temperature sensors enable the command center to gather vital information about the animal’s environmental conditions.

Hazardous Environment Module

In addition to standard environment conditions, specialized sensors are used to detect the presence and current readings of several hazardous materials.

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